Welcome to Basel unverpackt

The zero-waste organic shop on Erasmusplatz

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 6pm

Our range of products:
You can view our current list of products ‘‘here’’

Our concept

The cooperative Basel unverpackt offers open-minded and conscious customers the possibility to purchase organic and preferably regional products of everyday use and consumption at fair prices. Bring along any container you’d like to refill and top up on your favourite goods. Outside of opening hours the shop will host lectures and workshops on topics of sustainable living, zero waste, recycling, preserving food and much more.


Our Objectives

With our fair products, the philosophy of package-free shopping and our activities at raising awareness regarding topics of sustainability, we would like to promote a holistic and conscious form of consumption — from seed to mouth — as a transparent and sustainable way of meeting people’s basic needs.


Our Principles

The cooperative Basel unverpackt strives to build a long-term network between customers and local growers of sustainably produced goods. Everyone that is involved has the possibility to participate and develop the concept of our local shop. By joining the cooperative you can become part of Basel unverpackt, actively participate and have your say on important decisions. We are also conscious of aspects of sustainability beyond our economic activities and try to take such aspects into account in terms of how we act. Last, but not least, it must be noted that we are non-profit orientated.


Who we are

Our team of seven, a colourful mix of interested individuals, has the same vision — we want to be an example for moderate and resource-saving consumption and to demonstrate an alternative that works. We also want to celebrate our professional diversity as a strength that assists us in managing the cooperative Basel unverpackt.



Located right on the ‘‘Erasmusplatz’’, ideally accessible by foot or by bicycle.

The bus stop ‘‘Erasmusplatz’’ is a 12 minute journey with the nr. 30 bus
from Basel SBB in the direction of Badischer Bahnhof.
The nr. 30 bus will also take you from Badischer Bahnhof to ‘‘Erasmusplatz’’
in 6 minutes in the direction of Basel SBB.
Alternatively, we are a 4 minute stroll away
from the tram nr. 8 tram stop ‘‘Feldbergstrasse’’.
A 6 minute scenic walk over the Rhine will take you from the nr. 11 tram
stop ‘‘Johanniterbrücke’’ to our shop.