Nathalie Reinau
born 1987, BA in social work und social politics with a minor in environmental studies and MA in legal studies, lives in Rheinfelden, works 50% as a social worker/carer

Andrea Zwygart
born 1963, specialist in retail trade, certificate ‘Textil Life Style and Food’, lives in Basel, works 60% for GAW as a coach for retail trade since February 2017

Chris Mani
born 1986, MA in Geography und English, lives in Basel, works as a language and geography teacher

Hugo Hanbury
born 1988, MA in sociology und history, lives in Basel, works for multiple educational sociological research projects, translator and proof reader, involved in multiple civil society projects

Julian Buchwalder
born 1984, BA in project development, lives in Basel, self-employed as a food producer und market trader at the Matthäus market, active in the association Lebensmittel Gemeinschaft Basel